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Date and Time Coding Jet Printer
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Product: Views:213Date and Time Coding Jet Printer 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2019-04-08 20:55

Brand: KELIER Model: H3 Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Sichuan City: Chengdu Ink Capacity: 42ML
Definition:400dpi Voltage: 16.8V Weight: 1100g

All products, provide 3 years of quality assurance service, any doubt, through after-sales service to provide solutions

Product Printing and Case Display

Applied Materials:

Most materials, such as wood, leather, cloth, bamboo, wood, paper, ABS, PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic acid, glass, building ceramics, organic materials, PMMA board, plastic, rubber and so on.

Application Area:

Medicine, food and beverage packaging industry, textile industry, handicraft industry, printing industry, electronic components,communications products, clocks, glass products and other manufacturing industries.

Handheld inkjet date printer can mark and print on a variety of materials, such as ceramics, glass, floor tiles, wooden boards, paper, cloth, plastics and other surfaces. Printing content can be time, text, two-dimensional code, bar code or their combination. Printing is very simple and convenient.

Product Size

Through the marking of the product, the sales volume of the product can be greatly increased, and the consumer's trust in the product can be increased.

For example, adding valid date information for their products can make the product more regular, bring better purchase experience for consumers, and improve the overall quality of the company's products.

What are the advantages of date and time coded inkjet printers?

With the production line, we can achieve the goal of automatic marking, save manpower and cost. The product marking of production line is very mature.

If our products need to be sold to the market, the marking is indispensable. We are a Chinese factory with low price and excellent service quality. We can quickly provide you with product marking solutions.

H3 parameter list
Product name: Date and Time Coding Jet Printer
Modle: H3 - 2019 news (The most popular product)
IP Level: IP4
Ink volume: 42ml (usually can print 800 000 chaiacters)
Printing accuracy: 400dpi
Printing speed: 60m/min
Printing height: 1.2mm - 12.7mm
CPU: Quard core 1.2GHz Multi-Core Processor
Driver board: TIJ 2.5 original print engine
Operation Menu: Android system
Languages: Arabic,English,Chinese
External interface: USB, GX12Aviation Connector
Spray nozzle: Original imported TIJ2.5 thermal foaming spray nozzle
Printing direction: Adjustable with 360 degree, meet all kinds of production needs
Print code: DM code,bar code,QR Code
Automatic print: Date, time, batch number,Sequence printing
Printing pictures All kinds of logos, pictures can be uploaded through USB disk
Printing line 1-8 lines (adjustable)
Printing distance 1-10mm Mechanical Adjustment (best is 2-5mm)
Print serial number 1-9 place
Ink type: Quick-dry,water,oily ink
Ink color: Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, invisible
Voltage/Power: DC12 lithium(2600mAh*4) / ≤5W (15-25 hours working)
Certification: CE/CCC/ISO
After-sales service: 3 years / Online

Product proofing service

Use date and time coded inkjet printers for printing effects and cases, if you have products to print, you can send them to us by mail, or we can find similar products for you, print samples for you, take photos and videos by e-mail or WhatsApp sent to you!

1. Light weight, ergonomic design, comfortable and convenient gripAppearance display

2. Touch screen design, quick response, can be operated with finger
3. High precision synchronizer with error of 0.01 mm and clear print
4. Supporting automatic printing function, printing according to time interval; Supporting external light induction, realizing automatic trigger printing
5. Adopt the latest technology, combine computer and chip, use high-performance CPU as support, read data faster and respond more sensitively.
6. Heat dissipation design, no matter how long the work lasts, it will not be overheated and four levels.
7. High-quality industrial design language, fluent and beautiful, not only easy to carry, but also provides a safe and reliable way to use.

About technology

1. Adopt the latest maintenance-free thermal inkjet technology. The printer uses maintenance-free TIJ thermal foam inkjet technology. The printing engine is located in the cartridge. Every time the cartridge is replaced, the printer head will be replaced eventually.
2. Compared with other fixed printing heads, cartridge replacement can be completed within 20 seconds without long-term wear and tear.

About operation

1. Built-in 7 kinds of common spray code templates, after selection, can input parameters, complete editing, super-large memory, can store 10,000 printing information.Which kinds of simple editing and printing are common?
2. Built-in input method, which can edit anything you need to edit, symbols, text, numbers, etc.
3. Adjust the position so that two or more contents can be printed at the same time. The combination is arbitrary.

Outside: Cardboard box packing 34*30*26, 4.12 kg
Inside: exclusive custom metal suitcase, 30*21*16 ,3.5kg, high-end, safe, easy to carry and store; support customized packing.
The outer cardboard packaging, the special aluminum alloy chassis exposure, the middle use of shockproof foam protection,waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof.

Packing list
Title Size(cm) G.w(kg) Remarks
External packaging 36*30*26 4.1 Cardboard box packing
Inner packaging 30*21*16 3.5 Exclusive customized metal suitcase

Singel packing Items Pics
H3 inkjet printer 1 Standard packing
Battery 12V 1
Charger 1
USB disk 1
Touch pen 1
Press Button 1
Rubber rigns 3
Instructions 1
Ink cartridge 1 Extra charge

Frequently asked question

1. Will it be erased?

It's not easy to erase.

2. How long will this cartridge last?

When the cartridge is opened, it's better to run out in three months.

3. Do you have a catalogue of your products?

Yes, we do. You can leave your e-mail, and then we can send it by e-mail.

4. How many lines can you print?

1-8 line

5. How can I refill the ink when it's used up?

You can't refill the ink. When the ink is used up, you need to buy a new cartridge to replace it.

6. Does information enter directly into a machine or through a computer?

You can edit the information on the machine directly.

7. What does this printer include?

A printer, a black cartridge, a battery, a stylus, a charger

8. Do you have any instructions?

Yes, we'll put the brochure on the U disk and send it to you.

9. What are consumables? Like ink and other things?

It's ink cartridges. We also supply them.

10. Can it print logos or pictures? How to print this

Yes, it can print. We will send you the brochure.

11. What are your main products?

We produce inkjet printers and laser markers

12. How can we send you the money so that you can send it to our shipping agent in Guangzhou?